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Not Much to chat about. We haven’t been anywhere this week. I do have some good News We just booked out frist trip to Disney World in fl. This trip is going to be from Step 24, 2011 to Oct 1, 2011. Can’t wait im 26 years old and i am so happy that i get to go. We will be going on this trip driving 16 hrs from PA. We are driving for a couple of reason; 1 To save money if we drive it saves us over 2,000 and 2. So we can add more cities to our map. We (me and Wendy) will be joined on this trip by my mother, and my 2 neices.

Our next trip i will be here to report about will be New York City we Leave 5 am on Sat so stay tuned…………

Presque Isle State Park and Conneaut Lake Park

This trip we are joined by Derricks Uncle and Grandmother, we are headed out to Presque Isle State park and to Conneaut Lake Park.

This trip stated about 9:30 am Derrick’s uncle did all the driving (well most of it). We left from our house in Jeannette Pa and Headed towards Delmont Pa and into Murrysville Pa, and onto Monroeville Pa. to get onto the PA Turnpike. We didn’t need to stop in any of those cities because they all counted before as we have been there. We got on the turnpike and headed to 79 we took 70 to Presque Isle State Park we got there around 1:30 in the afternoon and everyone was hungry. We have never been there before so we drove and found the 1st picnic table there was and stopped and had our lunch. We had Egg Salad sandwiches and homemade pickles. During lunch unk said he has to find beach 2 1/2 and that me granny and Wendy were to find something to do. After lunch we had to use the restroom so we headed over to beach 6 and used the restrooms. I have been in many restrooms but I can tell these weren’t the best. Then we headed out to look at the beach that was there and the water was calm (Lake Erie). When we were done checking out the beach we headed back to the car and to drop unk off where he thought this beach he wanted to find was and we were on our way we drove around the island for a little bit and then we came to a sign that says light house so we stopped and checked it out. It was ok but I don’t call it a light house after seeing a real one before. After we seen the light house we started to drive around to get to the end if the island. Well we were talking and everything and the next thing you know we were back at the lighthouse and we didn’t know how we got there (the road is one big loop) so after that unk calls and says he done so we go and pick him up. He asked us if we went to the overlook at the end of the island and told him yes we were there and it looked wonderful. He says well lets go find and as we are going me and Wendy can’t stop laughing. I said you will find out soon. So as we were going he sees the sign for the light house and so him and Wendy go and see it. They get back to the car and we head on our way again. We are on a search for this overlook. Well we drive around and he says this is just on big loop isn’t it so he finds out why we are laughing. We never did find the over look so we stop to get a park map and find out where it is. When we look at the park map we see that you have to park in parking lot and walk back and the walk seems to be pretty long and granny not in the best of shape so we decide its times to leave and head out to find Conneaut Lake Park.

This is Wendy Driving me and Granny Around


This is a sign that is in front of the Light House

So where was I… Ok we were headed to Conneaut Lake Park. This was the whole reason for a trip as Unk wanted to see it because of its history and he wanted to see the roller coaster before they finished redoing it. We are head back to 79 and on our way. The trip took about 1 hour from the time we left the park. We get to this place and you can tell is old we get out and we stop and get our pictures by the signs. Sorry they are blurry as we got a new camera and just trying to find out how to use it.

Wendy at the sign

Me at the sign

Granny, Wendy, and I at the sign

We get out and take our pictures and me and Wendy are happy that we can mark another city off our map and quest for 600 as we neither have ever been to Conneaut Lake and we where there for the 1st time together so it counts. Total cities we have been to with each other now reaches 81 only 519 more to go.


Now Back to the park. It is a small park but would be great for kids. It is old and no many people there we were there on a Saturday nite. There is a small kids park with about 5 or so rides and there is another part of the park with bigger rides I would say maybe 10 other rides. There were no lines at any of the rides. This park even has a nice little water park with some slides, a pool and lazy river. It’s not the best park but for small kids I would take them there for more info you can check out their website at http://www.conneautlakepark.com/. The reason we were at the park is to see the roller coaster it is not running as they are trying to rebuild it they are raising as much money as they can to make the repairs. They are also trying to get the  money from the Pepsi refresh project. You have to vote. So everyone I would be happy to see you go to http://www.refresheverything.com/conneautlakeparkbluestreak and help them get the Blue Streak back up. Here are some photos of the coaster.


As we are taking photos of the coaster it starts to thunder so me and Wendy run to the car and try to bring it closer because granny doesn’t walk too well. We all get back in the car and head out of Conneaut and back to the highway we stop at Apple Bees in Meadville and that is another city for me and Wendy so we are now at 82/600 518 more to. After we eat get back in the car and back to 79 and to the Pa Turnpike and We will be back home in bed real soon. Until next time……………..

Hello world!

Hello Everyone,
First off I would like to thank everyone that has stopped by. I want to tell you a little bit about Us and the goal of this blog.
This blog is going to be used as a roadmap or guide to our lives if you would say. Our goal is to try and see as much of the world as we can. We are starting this blog to tell you about our travels. We have set a goal to reach different cities in 1 year. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. The rules are very simple; we both have to get out of the car and step foot in the city and it will count. Driving threw; the city doesn’t count you have to get out of the car. We will be using tripadvisor.com and their map that you see here to mark where we have gone. So far we have reached 81 cities so from now on we have to get started. To reach the 600 mark by September of 2011

  1. Assateague Island, MD, USA


To tell you about us my name is Derrick Johns I am a 26 year old and live in Jeannette pa. I run a sports collectable website; I sell sports items of course, if you like or its your cup of tea come on over and check it out http://photoandgraphs.ecrater.com. I will be joined on this journey by the love of my life Wendy Jo. She is 27 yrs old and works for a day care and Dairy Queen. We both love to travel so that is how we came up with this idea.


This blog will tell you where we have been and where we plan to go next. We will be joined my friends and family on some trips and you will hear about them. We plan to add as many photos of the trips as we can so everyone can see how fun this maybe and do this for themselves. Remember our goal 600 cities 1 year. Please make sure to book mark us and see where we go next. In till next time…………